Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Tigers Hat

Actually DOUCHE I bought that hat back when Detroit was a cellar dweller and it is one of my most worn hats (the other being my San Diego Padre hat). The Detroit hat was in tribute to Magnum P.I.(see pic Middle Left)
Also, I like cellar dwellers. They don't get any love so I try to represent for their sake. Who knows maybe in a couple of years I'll actually get a Yankee hat when they are filter feeding of the bottom of the great ocean of the American League East.

Further Evidence I did not buy it last year. It came to Italy with me in April 2004 (bottom left). I believe Detroit finished 72 and 90 and 20 games back in 2003. So Bite Me! How about them Bears!!! Lets Go Chi-Ca-Go!!


BigNasty said...

I can vouch for that story. I was there when the hat in question was purchased.

Young James said...

Where's your banana?

SNES said...

Anthony is eating it

Young James said...

I roomed with him for 3 years in college. Not once did he eat my banana. He goes on a romantic tour of Italy and starts eating other guys bananas left and right. It's not fair.