Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jack Cafferty Doesn't Like The Mainstream Media


BigNasty said...

It's nice to see Jack Cafferty moving beyond his fox 5 bootleg news roots.. or was it channel 11? channel 9 maybe?

El Guapo said...

Channel 4 and briefly with Channel 5. I am a complete NYC News Anchor dork....I remember way too much about news anchors.

Top 5 NYC News Anchors of All Time:

1)John Roland of Fox 5
2)Bill Beutel of Eyewitness News
3)Ralph Penza
4)Ernie Anastos
5)Shon Gable....oh how I love Shon Gable.

BigNasty said...

What about my boy Chuck Scarboro?

M. Van Buren said...

Scarborough is all flash, no substance.

Plus his hair has been that weird shade of orange for the past 20 years. Let it go Chuck...your hair is white now.