Friday, April 27, 2007

Mining the Depths of You Tube

Why waste hours and hours looking for something entertaining on Youtube when your man main Martin Van Buren can do it for you?

God + Top Gun = Awesome

2 Foot Woman + 6 Foot 4 Inch Man= Bowling Ball Shaped Woman

Belgian Talk Show + Victim of Medical Malpractice (Accidental Amputation of His Testicles)= Awkward Laughing

And Finally....RIP Boris Yeltsin.....Leader, Diplomat & Brilliant Dancer

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pizza Hut's Newest Topping.......Weiner

A very strange story out of London today. A man burst into a pizza shop, grabbed a knife, climbed up on a table, and proceeded to hack his own "manhood" off in front of shocked customers.

He was apparently a Polish man, so maybe he thought the people wanted a little kielbasa on their pizzas? RIMSHOT!!! I'm here all week....please tip your waitresses!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Great American Baseball Road Trip

Nice weather is finally upon us. And with nice weather comes doing things outside.
Baseball is played outside.
This coming June, the two New York Baseball franchises will be playing in ballparks that are not their own that are in relatively close proximity to one another. The Yankees of the Bronx will play in Baltimore on Thursday, June 28th. The Mets of Flushing, Queens will play in Philadelphia on Friday, June 29th.
Currently, tickets are still available for the Yankees game in Baltimore, and the 1:05 Mets game in Philadelphia (which was a reschedule of an earlier rainout (the night game is sold-out (fireworks night)).

The tentative game plan goes as follows:
Drive down to Baltimore Thursday afternoon (approx 3 hours), check in to whatever low-rate hotel we've chosen (probably out of the harbor area due to budgetary concerns), get some pre-game food/drink in the Harbor, enjoy the game, have post-game drink, acquire/indulge in heroin, sleep comfortably in hotel.
On Friday, check out, drive the hour and a half to the ballpark in Iladelph, enjoy the game while sweating out the toxins from the previous night, check into another low-rate hotel, go to wherever the Philadelphia nightlife may be, eat cheese steaks and get in fights with grumpy Phillies fans while monitoring the night's game, and then seek out a hooker to bring back to the hotel for a good ol' fashioned gangbang.
Whenever we get going Saturday, perhaps we can do some historic sightseeing in the afternoon before driving home, or maybe swing over to Atlantic City (1 hour away) for another night of debauchery (Seung-Hui Cho would've loved us) before going back in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday (because hotels look pretty unavailable in AC for that weekend).

As it currently stands, Anthony G., Chris P., and James C. are going to take part in this adventure. If you would like to join in the fun, please reply with your intent to do so by the end of the work week (5:00 PM ET Friday). Ticket purchases/hotel bookings will be made this weekend.