Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where There is Smoke...There Are Pro Athletes

So why does Calvin Johnson have such a good vertical leap? Because he likes to jump high in the air.

According to ESPN, Johnson, Gaines Adams and Amobi Okoye all admitted to smoking marijuana in their NFL Combine interviews. I doubt that this is going to have a serious effect on where they are going to get drafted, but lets be blunt about it, it isn't going to exactly help them either. Some GMs may read this new report and end up rolling (the) paper and throwing it in the trash right away.

I hope this doesn't lead to any chronic problems for any of these fine young men. They have their whole lives ahead of them, you don't want to see them go to pot.

This site is great!

Click on exam room #1

and post your scores in comments. Lets see who the best at deciphering is! hahaha

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Non-Mass Murderer Videos

Inappropriate Hugs presents the outtakes from the Virginia Tech killer's video:

And for all you Italian Stallions out there, the Guido Geico commercial:

I like Carlos a lot, the other Carlos… I don’t know.

Hasn’t been much baseball talk going on here, so I figure I would delve into the conflicting feelings I have towards the Mets’ Carloses. Carlos Delgado makes a lot of money (signed a 5 year, 52 mil deal with the Marlins before the 05’ season) for a below average defensive player in his mid 30’s, but for the past 10 years , you could pretty much pencil him in for batting .275 with at least 35 home runs and 100+ RBI’s.
He’s a peaceful man who stands by his beliefs. He caught some big time flack for quietly protesting the war in Iraq by not standing for God Bless America in 2004. But he certainly wasn’t wrong in his reasoning for it (the Iraq war may very well be, “the stupidest war ever"). And it’s too bad the Mets apparently have a policy against it, because more people in the public eye should be expressing their displeasure with what’s going on.
He’s also an intelligent man who doesn’t appreciate it when he’s not treated that way. When the Mets were trying to sign every available Latino superstar under the sun after the 2004 season, Delgado snubbed them for Florida. What was his reasoning? He didn’t like the way the Mets were trying to persuade him by playing upon his heritage. It takes some top quality cojones to turn away more money over that.
Also, he looks like he’s having fun on the field, and apparently, he’s not a dick off the field.
All in all, he’s a class act with principles and I enjoy rooting for him.

Carlos Beltran makes a ton of money ($119 mil over 7 years signed before 05’ season). He’s a 5-tooler (which is a description that always raises my suspicions) that’s arguably the best all-around outfielder in the game. He can do it all. And one postseason he did. He also did pretty damn good last season too. His legacy may already be set because of it (financially he certainly is).
For all his accolades, I don’t get much enjoyment watching him play. Although a big fan of the team, I don’t pull for him like I do the other guys in the lineup.
With his pretty boy looks (despite the mole), I think he’s got a lot of A-Rod in him, all the way down to striking out looking for the last out in the playoffs. I’m hoping he mixed some curveballs into his ocular pitching machine this off-season.
For someone rolling in dough for playing a game, he seems petulant. Last season he needed Julio Franco’s urging to get him out of the dugout for a curtain call and bitched about how the fans aren’t his friends thru thick and thin afterwards. Guess what buddy? You’re not playing in Kansas City anymore. The fans here don’t just show up and root for the guys wearing the white laundry. They know what you’re capability is and expect you to perform up to it. If you didn’t want to get criticized you should have signed with Houston for less money.
And while his salary may actually be a good value given what happened last off-season, I do begrudge him for having a slimeball agent (Boras) that demanded more money from the Mets while propositioning the Yankees for less money using the Mets offer for leverage.
I hope someone shows him some A-Rod comparison footage from last year to this year to demonstrate how good he could be if he was more aggressive. He’s got an all-time great hitter in Carlos Delgado batting behind him in the lineup. I’m tired of him taking pitches he should be hitting for strikes and then either taking called 3rd strikes or hitting weak groundouts. Jose Reyes may be leading the league in runs scored, but he probably leads the league in getting stranded in scoring position too.
While early returns show Beltran is having a better season thus far than Delgado, it’s going to take a lot more than better numbers for me to show the same reverence towards both of them. Fortunately for Beltran, I can easily be swayed with an MVP season and World Series victory.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I found this link in Rob Neyer's blog on ESPN. Apparently, there is no evidence that HGH has any performing enhancing abilities. It has been shown to make muscles bigger (as well as your organs), but it doesn't actually make you stronger, faster or more coordinated. Some one probably should have told this to Eddie Gurerreo.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Landlord

Um... Marcus Vick's not taking Spring Classes, right?

Too soon probably?

The I.O.C. just announced the new Olymipc Sport that will be introduced at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, replacing Baseball and Softball.

All of America's college students and fraternity members have been drowning themselves in beer at pandemic proportions since the International Olympic Committee has announced that they will be finally replacing baseball and softball with Men's, Women's, and Mixed Beirut (Also called Beer Pong). The U.S. team will begin holding tryouts at the beginning of July and will hopefully find the best 10 Beer Pongers in the country to represent the U.S. in the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. Tryouts will begin with U.S. Olympic committee evaluators visiting select college campuses throughout the country to determine who the best of the best actually are. The U.S. Olympic committee hopes to have a team ready for training by February 2008. Training most likely will be done in the Denver area due to its high altitude, which should help benefit the teams stamina. The I.O.C. has approved the use of Beijing Beer (Beijing Pijiu) as the official beer of the competition after numerous false reports that such a beer was made with formaldehyde to lock in the flavor. Extensive testing on Beijing Pijiu by BALCO labs in San Francisco has deemed that rumor as false. OH the memories of beer pong, especially strip beer pong with the ladies. Now those were the days!

Press Conference Reveals David Ortiz Clearly Doesn't Know Who Jackie Robinson Is


Via The Onion:

BOSTON—David Ortiz's halting, stammered response to a question regarding baseball legend Jackie Robinson directed to him in a clubhouse press conference Tuesday demonstrated that the designated hitter clearly has no idea who Robinson was or what he was talking about. "Oh, yeah, I know that guy. We played ball together, you know, couple years, when we were both younger. How's he doing, anyway?" Ortiz said, dismissively, eliciting puzzled murmurs from the assembled reporters. "Jack played some good ball. Man was always a lot of fun to be around." When reporters attempted to bail Ortiz out by asking leading questions concerning the many barriers Robinson broke, Ortiz responded by saying he had heard the news, that he certainly hoped Robinson would be okay, and that Jackie should not have been driving drunk in the first place.