Monday, April 16, 2007

The I.O.C. just announced the new Olymipc Sport that will be introduced at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, replacing Baseball and Softball.

All of America's college students and fraternity members have been drowning themselves in beer at pandemic proportions since the International Olympic Committee has announced that they will be finally replacing baseball and softball with Men's, Women's, and Mixed Beirut (Also called Beer Pong). The U.S. team will begin holding tryouts at the beginning of July and will hopefully find the best 10 Beer Pongers in the country to represent the U.S. in the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. Tryouts will begin with U.S. Olympic committee evaluators visiting select college campuses throughout the country to determine who the best of the best actually are. The U.S. Olympic committee hopes to have a team ready for training by February 2008. Training most likely will be done in the Denver area due to its high altitude, which should help benefit the teams stamina. The I.O.C. has approved the use of Beijing Beer (Beijing Pijiu) as the official beer of the competition after numerous false reports that such a beer was made with formaldehyde to lock in the flavor. Extensive testing on Beijing Pijiu by BALCO labs in San Francisco has deemed that rumor as false. OH the memories of beer pong, especially strip beer pong with the ladies. Now those were the days!

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