Saturday, July 7, 2007

Dice-K the Last of the Mohicans?

Where has the creativity gone? The fun? The popularity? It is true the nickname has fallen. With exception of Dice-K (I know I dogged his nickname on a past post, but that is not the point of this current post), the use of nicknames in professional Sports is at pandemic low levels. Could Dice-K be last sportsman to ever don a nickname? Nicknames are an integral part of the game and need to make a comeback in a strong way.
Here is the article from Newsweek on the issue:

Some of my favorites:
Everyday Eddie Guardado
Lou the Douche
The Machine
Hells Bells (Trevor Hoffman)
The Sultan of Swat (Babe Ruth)
Hammer'in Hank Aaron
Jolt'in Joe (DiMaggio)
The Great One (Wayne Gretzky)
The Messiah (Mark Messier)
Prime Time (Deion Sanders)
Oil Can (Dennis) Boyd
The Wizard of Oz (Ozzie Smith)
The Matrix (Shaun Marion)

Life After Mike

After my main man Mike Tyson was finally put out of his misery by that hasbeen from Ireland, a part of me was sad. We all grew up playing the video game and later on, watching the "Free Tyson" shirts in the Naughty by Nature videos. In the 90s after Mike got out of jail, everyone was curious to see if he could revert back to his old form. It took a bunch of ass beatings for everyone including Mike himself to realize he was done.

Now, boxing's biggest draw is De La Hoya, who is well past his prime and overrated. Boxing is also hurt by mixed martial arts mania which is fastly becoming the 3rd most watched sport in the country. I really don't understand why. These guys would get the shit beat out of them by any good prize fighter in boxing. A lot of mixed martial arts fans would retort by saying that the boxer would be grappled and wrestled to submission. From what I have seen a good boxer would knock these martial arts guys out before they were grappled.

There seems to be a consensus among boxing experts and journalists, that the current heavyweight champion is playing in the NFL or the NBA. The names in the heavyweight divison are names out of a Cold War espionage novel. Every contender seeming has left the former Soviet Union for the boxing riches in America. American athletes especially in the inner city want to chase the cash that the NFL and the NBA offer.

I put together a list of guys in boxing that are interesting and talented.

1. "Bad" Chad Dawson 24-0 beat the living shit out of Jesus Ruiz who is hard throwing light heavyweight. Dawson is a light heavyweight and is a guy who will rule this division.

2. Winky Wright this guy is one of the most underrated in his division. Look for him to school Bernard Hopkins in their upcoming bout.

3. Evander Holyfield. The guy is punch drunk and 44 years old but give him credit he won his last two fights and might get a shot at the title. And what's not to love about a guy who has more kids than Shawn Kemp.

4. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Pound for pound the best fighter in the sport. He is cocky and awesome. Plus he kicked the shit out of De La Hoya.

5. Miguel Cotto. The new hero of Puerto Rico replacing Trinidad. This guy might be the only middleweight to beat Mayweather Jr. He is quick,tough,and when he fights people they are never the same.

Friday, July 6, 2007


He is an integral part of their success. I know he is an above average fielder, has decent speed, and is a decent bat for CF. But I am not a fan. It seems to me that everytime he comes up in a big spot he does nothing. You guys saw him light it up at philly but I still think he sucks. He is on my alltime hated list with the likes of:
1. Pat Ewing
2. John Franco
3. Armondo Benitez
4. Scott (the ass sniffer) Brosius
5. Robby Alomar
6. Clarence Weatherspoon
7. Antonio McDyess
8. Scott Layden
9. Steve Phillips
10.Howard Eisley
Feel free to add to the list.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kissena Pigskin Cash

I am reporting that the 2007 Kissena Pigskin Cash ESPN Fantasy Football site is now live as of 07/05/07 at 1900hrs. For all those involved in the keeper league please check the site and your e-mail for more details.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Road Trip Review

Last week, the annual Great American Baseball Road Trip took place...
Following the success of the quickly thrown together trip to Cleveland and Pittsburgh last season, this years trip was less strenuous, more planned out, and did not disappoint.

The destinations were Baltimore and Philadelphia... Their opponents were the Yankees and the Mets. How would cheering on our respective home teams go in visiting parks? Very well...

We (Big Nasty, Bad Steve, Young James, and Anthony (no nickname)) drove down from NY on Thursday. It was a brutally hot day and made for a general group malaise upon arrival in dilapidated Baltimore. After walking around the humid, beggar-laden harbor for a bit and getting our pre-game eat and drink on, we went over to the breath-taking Camden Yards. Not sure what else one would want out of a ballpark than that. Perhaps a real team to play in it maybe.

Pretty Park

There were too many Yankees fans in our section. It was like we were in Yankee Stadium, except everyone was white and knew each other... Not really a fun group to be stuck around. So there was absolutely no threat of getting into anything with any of the Orioles fans unfortunate enough to be where we were sitting.

the South, SOUTH Bronx
The game was tight between Wang and Cabrera... Typical entertaining AL game: lots of back and forth and running around bases... Then the clouds opened up and the night was pretty fucked. We left our seats for higher, drier ground... And we found our way to a couple groups that felt the need to punch each other in the heads based on their rooting interests. The guys in the Ripken t-shirts were on one side against the black guys who weren't security guards.

We waited out a couple rain delays and the game was eventually called with the Yankees leading by 2 in the 8th, to be picked up from that point on July 27th when the Yankees come back to town. Don't think we're gonna drive down to see it when play resumes. Scott Proctor can blow that lead without our help for sure. The rain did let up but we were left soggy so we just walked around lovely Baltimore and called it a night. The highlight of our trip to the hotel was accidentally walking thru the mega-sketchy strip-club block and having one of the barker's say, "I smell pussies" after we declined his invite to come in with no cover charge. Fucking degenerates.

The next morning we headed right out for Philly for the 1:30 game... Of course, the rain resumed in the morning and it looked like another shit day for a ballgame.
Lotsa Parking Lots, not much sceneryFortunately, it let up and the game started as scheduled. They do have some really good food options at Citizen's Bank Park... but all in all it wasn't as nice as some of the other parks we've gone to (hard to get to our seats, can't walk around stadium without detours, parking and traffic a bitch, far from downtown).Philly's there somewhere

After some shenanigans by Charlie Manuel got El Duque pissed off,

things were looking good for the visiting Mets as my man Delgado smashed a homer out of this ballparks silly dimensions.
There were plenty of Mets fans here... But they were spaced out whereas the Yankee fans seemed more clustered in Camden. When the Mets opened up a 5 run lead, it was time to go exploring...

While waiting on a line for some ice cream, some poor woman got hit by a mustard bomb. I didn't see it happen, but I heard it. And after it happened, no joke, she was wiping mustard off her face for 10 minutes (a lot of people wanted ice cream so I got a long look at the mess). I felt bad for her. It was right in front of the "smoking pen" which is gross in its own right, and many people were laughing. I didn't laugh, but I did feel the need to document her plight. Mustard bomb lady, if you're out there, I feel for you.
Does anyone have a tissue or a napkin?
Any ticket holder can get dangerously close to the visitor's bullpen here. In fact I might have gotten a steroid contact high just from standing there.
Hello Mota
When we got back to our seats, Jose Reyes was stewing for being called out trying to steal. The replay showed he was safe, but he really acted like a baby about it between innings, refusing to put his glove and hat on, not throwing the ball around, needing the Latino coalition to counsel him...

Mota and the rest of the pen did what they could to give the game back, but Billy da Kid was coming on in the 9th, much to the delight of the fans, especially the dick in the Romano jersery...

A "Let's Go Phillies" chant was quickly turned around into "Let's go Billy" and stupid Phillie fans clapped along with us... 3 up, and 3 k's later, Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "Taking Care of Business" was being sung by a horribly clapping Anthony and it was party time.
After a miserable time getting out of the parking lot (gotta love split double-headers), we headed to the famous dueling Cheesesteak spots, Pat's and Geno's.
Geno needs neon signing to sell cheesesteaks
Going off anonymous recommendations and appearance of the lines, we opted for Pat's.
classy bunch on this line Cheez whiz, onions, and steak is the bomb.
4 nerds eating cheesesteaks
We then checked into our nice downtown Philly hotel and got in shape for the night-time activities. This is Anthony's hairy left foot while ironing. His pinky toe nails were the subject of much ballyhoo.
Does anyone know a good podiatrist?
For the second game of the double header, we cheered the Mets on at a local pub. After Wagner closed the Phillies out again and we exchanged high-fives, a girl behind us asked to no one in particular, "Do they realize they're in Philadelphia? New York Mother Fuckers." That was fun. We eventually moved on to the next establishment where we were treated much better by the lovely women of Philadelphia the rest of the night.

All in all, a great trip, with Baltimore having the nicer ballpark, but Philly having the waaaay nicer city for a young man.

And as a treat, here's the CD that was made especially for the trip that never made it due to a good ol' CD burner malfunction. Enjoy.