Saturday, July 7, 2007

Life After Mike

After my main man Mike Tyson was finally put out of his misery by that hasbeen from Ireland, a part of me was sad. We all grew up playing the video game and later on, watching the "Free Tyson" shirts in the Naughty by Nature videos. In the 90s after Mike got out of jail, everyone was curious to see if he could revert back to his old form. It took a bunch of ass beatings for everyone including Mike himself to realize he was done.

Now, boxing's biggest draw is De La Hoya, who is well past his prime and overrated. Boxing is also hurt by mixed martial arts mania which is fastly becoming the 3rd most watched sport in the country. I really don't understand why. These guys would get the shit beat out of them by any good prize fighter in boxing. A lot of mixed martial arts fans would retort by saying that the boxer would be grappled and wrestled to submission. From what I have seen a good boxer would knock these martial arts guys out before they were grappled.

There seems to be a consensus among boxing experts and journalists, that the current heavyweight champion is playing in the NFL or the NBA. The names in the heavyweight divison are names out of a Cold War espionage novel. Every contender seeming has left the former Soviet Union for the boxing riches in America. American athletes especially in the inner city want to chase the cash that the NFL and the NBA offer.

I put together a list of guys in boxing that are interesting and talented.

1. "Bad" Chad Dawson 24-0 beat the living shit out of Jesus Ruiz who is hard throwing light heavyweight. Dawson is a light heavyweight and is a guy who will rule this division.

2. Winky Wright this guy is one of the most underrated in his division. Look for him to school Bernard Hopkins in their upcoming bout.

3. Evander Holyfield. The guy is punch drunk and 44 years old but give him credit he won his last two fights and might get a shot at the title. And what's not to love about a guy who has more kids than Shawn Kemp.

4. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Pound for pound the best fighter in the sport. He is cocky and awesome. Plus he kicked the shit out of De La Hoya.

5. Miguel Cotto. The new hero of Puerto Rico replacing Trinidad. This guy might be the only middleweight to beat Mayweather Jr. He is quick,tough,and when he fights people they are never the same.


BigNasty said...

boxing is in a bad state and there is no end in sight. That Limey Ricky Hatton is pretty good too.. and also, if we are talking about a real fight, those MMA fighters would beat the crap out of any boxer. of course a boxer would win a boxing match, but in a real deal fight, i would go with the MMA guy. I never thought I would say that, but after watching it quite a bit recently, i firmly believe that a boxer has no chance.

E DOUBLE said...

You are out of your mind. If a hard hitting boxer lands a couple of punches those MMA guys would be laid out. Boxers are in better shape. Those MMA guys could not go 12 rounds. Another issue is that they don't test for steroids in MMA. Boxers hands are considered lethal weapons and hitting barefisted they could conceivibly break their wrists with a landed punch. I have watched MMA and those guys are glorified wrestlers. I disagree.

BigNasty said...

If they can get a punch off before they are choked out, I am sure they will do damage. MMA is more like a real fight, in a boxing match, both guys are boxing, not fighting. MMA fighters go 5 5min rounds, so trust me, they are conditioned. I used to think like you did and I used to argue about this with my brother all the time, but after watching these guys fight, i don't think most boxers have a chance.

Young James said...

I think a boxer would kick a MMA guy's ass at boxing. And a MMA guy would kick a boxer's ass in MMA... Now, if they were in a street fight, no holds barred, it would depend on the individuals... There's no real way to debate this... Is this the "Who would win in a fight, Bruce Lee or Mike Tyson" of 2007?