Saturday, May 12, 2007

JJ Hardy Boy Mystery

After watching young JJ, who entered the season having 14 career homeruns, slug his 10th and 11th home runs of the year on consecutive days at Shea Stadium, I have begun to get suspicous of his early results.

I've got such a raging clue as to what might be going on.

This has shades of Kevin Elster hitting out 24 in 96' playing with Juan Gone, I-Rod, and the rest of the Rangers.

I know he's been injured earlier in his career, but this is too inordinate. Somebody make this faggot pee in a cup please.

(This post might just be me being jealous for not picking him off the waiver wire in any fantasy baseball league, but fuck it).

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Barroid Bonds and the Asterisk

When Kurt Vonnegut passed last month, we were reminded of the asshole asterisk.

Then the thought came to tie that asshole asterisk to sports.

Let's see... Who's the biggest asshole in sports, this side of TO? Whose records are tainted beyond a shadow of a doubt?

No, not Roger Clemens. Although he's definitely working on it.

Barry Bonds of course.

So, here's my attempt to permanently defame his name:

Please read and sign this petition to allow asterisks in the baseball record books and to have one placed next to Bonds and the other known 'roiders names in the books.

Sure it's an online petition and may not carry too much value... but when we get a nice little chain going, we'll print it up and bring it to good ol' Bud Selig's office on Park Ave and YouTube the video of the delivery.

Bud seems like a man of upstanding character. A real man of the people. I'm sure he'll do whatever's in his power to right this wrong for the sanctity of the game.

Now let's get cracking with the signatures, this bastard only has 12 more HGH fueled homers to go before he breaks the honorable Hank Aaron's record.


OMG!! I LOVE HER!!! more pics at

RIP Diego Corrales

Former Lightweight Champion Diego Corrales was killed in a motorcycle accident last night at the age of 29. For the non-boxing fans here, to get an idea of just how great Chico was in the ring, just check him out in the final round of his epic fight with Jose Luis Castillo, which happened exactly two years before his death. I had posted this same clip back in February when this site first started, and I can still say with confidence that this was the best boxing match I have ever seen.


Monday, May 7, 2007

William Clemens Set to Return to the Yankees

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Clemens signed with the Yankees for a pro-rated salary of $28 million for a single season. (The $28 million is the highest salary for a single season ever, $1 million more than A-Rod's gaudy salary, which I'm sure was just an arbitrary number and had nothing to do with just solidifying his position as one of the greatest pitchers of all time.) We all knew he was going to sign with one of three teams, so nothing too surprising there. (The surprise announcement was pretty interesting/cheesy, but it was in line with Clemens love of all things Roger.)

But do you want to know what actually was shocking about all of this? I went to Roger's Wikipedia page this morning just to do a little research for a possible post, and I discovered a weird little fact about Roger......his name isn't Roger.

William Roger Clemens is his actual name. This isn't that unusual, because many people will assume their middle name for their day to day life, but usually because their first name is "Alastair" or something like that....not because it is "William."

So there, this is my contribution to the Clemens fever that is about to sweep the NYC area. It is pointless and obscure, but make sure you correct anybody that you talk to this season that refers to him as "Roger". "Nuh uh, his name is William, I learned that from Inappropriate Hugs."

!!And the Lights Go Out on Broadway!!

The New York rangers Quest has officially ended at the hands of the the Buffalo Sabres in 6 Games. There are no complaints coming from me about this year and the adversity that this team overcame to just get into the playoffs. The stretch run that started at Christmas was one of the bests runs a team has had ever in NHL history. Hockey is back in New York officially. The Rangers gave it all in probably one of the best series played at the garden in a long time. These teams were more evenly matched then what most expected. Even Lindy Ruff (Buffalo Head Coach) was quoted as saying that Rangers scared him and his (heavily favored Stanley Cup Final) team. The future is looking bright on Broadway and the countdown has begun till next season. Five months and counting, not six months(like years past), but five till opening night. The rookies will be there!
And I hope more will join bandwagon and the Shanny/Jagr goodbye tour that will occur.

Thank you New York Rangers for the fight and the heart that you all showed. I'm going to ask all that read this to please tune in and watch the rest of the post-season and the quest to the ultimate trophy in sports. Hockey needs support and will once again get back to the stature that it once held. These veins bleed blue for Life!