Monday, May 7, 2007

!!And the Lights Go Out on Broadway!!

The New York rangers Quest has officially ended at the hands of the the Buffalo Sabres in 6 Games. There are no complaints coming from me about this year and the adversity that this team overcame to just get into the playoffs. The stretch run that started at Christmas was one of the bests runs a team has had ever in NHL history. Hockey is back in New York officially. The Rangers gave it all in probably one of the best series played at the garden in a long time. These teams were more evenly matched then what most expected. Even Lindy Ruff (Buffalo Head Coach) was quoted as saying that Rangers scared him and his (heavily favored Stanley Cup Final) team. The future is looking bright on Broadway and the countdown has begun till next season. Five months and counting, not six months(like years past), but five till opening night. The rookies will be there!
And I hope more will join bandwagon and the Shanny/Jagr goodbye tour that will occur.

Thank you New York Rangers for the fight and the heart that you all showed. I'm going to ask all that read this to please tune in and watch the rest of the post-season and the quest to the ultimate trophy in sports. Hockey needs support and will once again get back to the stature that it once held. These veins bleed blue for Life!


M. Van Buren said...

I will be glued to the TV for the rest of the soon as I figure out what chanell Versus is on.

Young James said...

What were those guys doing on skates wearing shorts and longsleeve shirts and waving sticks around? What's hockey? And I thought the Kissena Pigskin Cash Trophy was the ultimate trophy in sports.