Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I go to this morning and see these guys on their homepage:

Squanto and Pocahontas would surely not approve
I'm a tough one to offend, but I would imagine many people would find a couple whiteys painting their faces red in imitation of an Amos n' Andy era logo kind of fucked up.

What, it wasn't enough to take their land and kill them thru epidemics?

Now we publicize our comical view of their appearance all over the media.

I'm not saying the Indians logo is hurtful or that these guys shouldn't be allowed to dress up like that and go to the game...

I just think they shouldn't have been shown at all (let alone too many times to count) by Fox on TV and as the headline photo on the country's most popular sports website.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another WIS Promo Code...

I came across another promotional code for WhatIfSports.
This one's good for a free season of Gridiron Dynasty at

The code is CFBPCKGD

It expires at the end of November...

I've never played the game, I'm not really into College Football, so we'll see how it goes...

If interested in playing alongside me, I'm in World 6, in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference at Randolph Macon...

Gridiron Dynasty

In other news...

Is anyone else really excited about the upcoming American Gangster movie?

That shit looks gangsta.

Any movie that takes place in the 70's, involves non-fiction gangsters, drugs, 'nam, and Russell Crowe is gonna be awesome. That commerical with Heart of the City by Jay-Z playing (who's doing the whole soundtrack (music inspired by the movie)) really has me geeked up for it. I feel like they made that movie for my own personal entertainment.