Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I go to this morning and see these guys on their homepage:

Squanto and Pocahontas would surely not approve
I'm a tough one to offend, but I would imagine many people would find a couple whiteys painting their faces red in imitation of an Amos n' Andy era logo kind of fucked up.

What, it wasn't enough to take their land and kill them thru epidemics?

Now we publicize our comical view of their appearance all over the media.

I'm not saying the Indians logo is hurtful or that these guys shouldn't be allowed to dress up like that and go to the game...

I just think they shouldn't have been shown at all (let alone too many times to count) by Fox on TV and as the headline photo on the country's most popular sports website.


SNES said...

Last time I checked I we live in a country that allows for self expression. I see no wrong it all. And until the majority of the Native American population has a problem with it then just maybe my viewpoint will be swayed. All the hoopla about Indian nicknames and the lawsuits that have occurred were not led by any Native American populations, they were led by Civil Liberty Coalitions that were headed/led by Caucasians. It has been noted that the native American pops actually do not mind school/sport nicknames: Seminoles, Fighting Sioux.
Boo to St. Johns for changing there nickname. Actually St Johns was "originally" called the Redmen because of the color, not because of any reference to Native Americans. The color similar to Syracuse being called the Orange.

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