Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lost a Great One Yesterday...

I'm not a big reader. In fact, I'm a pretty small reader. I watch too much tv and spend too much time on the computer to get into books much.
But one guy who I am an avid reader of is Kurt Vonnegut.
He died yesterday at age 84.
His writing was usually very unique and entertaining. He lived a pretty full life and his writing involved what he had been thru. I always admired his honesty and ability to get his point across, even if it was that we're all fucked in one way or another.
Anyway, here's my own personal favorites of his work: God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, Breakfast of Champions, Bluebeard, and Hocus Pocus. Whether or not your into books or not, you can't go wrong with any of them...


Update - Here's a link to a clip provided by MVB of Vonnegut on the Daily Show from a couple of years ago.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Move over Randy Marsh and Kramer...

Looks like there's a new Sheriff in town...

Kind of a touchy subject here...

Anyway, here's the transcript from the Imus in the Morning show last week and some unasked for opinion on the subject:

IMUS: So, I watched the basketball game last night between -- a little bit of Rutgers and Tennessee, the women's final.
ROSENBERG: Yeah, Tennessee won last night -- seventh championship for [Tennessee coach] Pat Summitt, I-Man. They beat Rutgers by 13 points.
IMUS: That's some rough girls from Rutgers. Man, they got tattoos and --
McGUIRK: Some hard-core hos.
IMUS: That's some nappy-headed hos there. I'm gonna tell you that now, man, that's some -- woo. And the girls from Tennessee, they all look cute, you know, so, like -- kinda like -- I don't know.
McGUIRK: A Spike Lee thing.
IMUS: Yeah.
McGUIRK: The Jigaboos vs. the Wannabes -- that movie that he had.
IMUS: Yeah, it was a tough --
McCORD: Do The Right Thing.
McGUIRK: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
IMUS: I don't know if I'd have wanted to beat Rutgers or not, but they did, right?
ROSENBERG: It was a tough watch. The more I look at Rutgers, they look exactly like the Toronto Raptors.
IMUS: Well, I guess, yeah.
RUFFINO: Only tougher.
McGUIRK: The [Memphis] Grizzlies would be more appropriate.

Unasked for opinion:

White people in a public forum really need to be more careful about the way they insult Black people. While it's true that Blacks have made inappropriate comments towards others (such as the waaay fucked up Tsunami Song from the Hot 97 morning show a few years back), it comes off very differently when Whites say it about Blacks (given the history of this country).

And if they are going to make jokes, it damn sure better be funny. This wasn't funny, just typical shock-jock shit, and it's unfortunate that it's blown up the way it has because now there's victims. The lives of the girls on that Rutgers team are never going to be the same. They've been branded as nappy headed ho's. And the American public gets more Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in their lives. Regardless of the penalty, Imus is cooked, and his crew should go down with him, cause they're comments were just as stupid.

I obviously didn't watch the game, but I scanned through some pics... I didn't see nappy hair at all, and only one of the players had a tattoo and looked thuggish. So not only was it not funny, it wasn't true. But I guess most girls wouldn't look too good up against Candace Parker on Tennessee. 6 feet 4 inches of Caramel Dunking Bliss is what she is...

To play it safe, no one should talk about Women's Basketball ever again.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bugatti Veyron.....Better than my 1997 Saturn

1001 Horsepower, 16 Cylinders, 253 mph top speed......this car is just ridiculous: