Monday, May 7, 2007

William Clemens Set to Return to the Yankees

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Clemens signed with the Yankees for a pro-rated salary of $28 million for a single season. (The $28 million is the highest salary for a single season ever, $1 million more than A-Rod's gaudy salary, which I'm sure was just an arbitrary number and had nothing to do with just solidifying his position as one of the greatest pitchers of all time.) We all knew he was going to sign with one of three teams, so nothing too surprising there. (The surprise announcement was pretty interesting/cheesy, but it was in line with Clemens love of all things Roger.)

But do you want to know what actually was shocking about all of this? I went to Roger's Wikipedia page this morning just to do a little research for a possible post, and I discovered a weird little fact about Roger......his name isn't Roger.

William Roger Clemens is his actual name. This isn't that unusual, because many people will assume their middle name for their day to day life, but usually because their first name is "Alastair" or something like that....not because it is "William."

So there, this is my contribution to the Clemens fever that is about to sweep the NYC area. It is pointless and obscure, but make sure you correct anybody that you talk to this season that refers to him as "Roger". "Nuh uh, his name is William, I learned that from Inappropriate Hugs."


Young James said...

I did some follow up reporting... Seems his Mom left his dad "Bill" when Roger was just 6 weeks old.
His step-dad's name was Woody. Imagine if he picked up his stepdad's name instead? I would probably hate him twice as much as I do now. That's a lot of hatred. It's too bad Roger's bastardizing Mommy didn't abandon young Roger along with his father. The world may have been a better place.

SNES said...

Actually people use their middle names, if their first name is in tribute to decendent. My middle name is Joseph after my grandfather who past away before I was born. My cousin's name is Travis, actually Joseph Travis B. He uses Travis a signs J. Travis B. It is not very unusual at all.

M. Van Buren said...

SNES, your cousin is not a major league pitcher, please refrain from comparing him to the great Willy Clemens.

Young James said...

If my name was Joseph Travis... I would absolutely stick with Joseph.

BigNasty said...

This is like the case with Kevin Steven MacIsaac, better known as Bad Steve... Bad Kevin doesn't sound as "cool"