Friday, July 6, 2007


He is an integral part of their success. I know he is an above average fielder, has decent speed, and is a decent bat for CF. But I am not a fan. It seems to me that everytime he comes up in a big spot he does nothing. You guys saw him light it up at philly but I still think he sucks. He is on my alltime hated list with the likes of:
1. Pat Ewing
2. John Franco
3. Armondo Benitez
4. Scott (the ass sniffer) Brosius
5. Robby Alomar
6. Clarence Weatherspoon
7. Antonio McDyess
8. Scott Layden
9. Steve Phillips
10.Howard Eisley
Feel free to add to the list.


BigNasty said...

E-Dub, welcome. My number one hate in the sports world is Pitch-by-Pitch, followed closely by Johnny Damon

BigNasty said...

clarence weatherspoon? what did he do to you?

SNES said...

I'll add Caludio Reyna, Anson Carter, Bobby Holik, Mike Dunham, and Juan Samuel.

Young James said...

Awesome... E-Double in the house!
I have to pontificate on that question... and right on about Beltran... he a bitch.

Young James said...

Big Nasty, Who's Pitch by Pitch?

And I reflected on this over the weekend, and the one guy at the top of my Most hated list is Clemens. I hate everything about him.

And Beltran did make a nice play on that silly Enron hill the other night... He even got the game winning hit (even if it did take him 7 at bats to get his first hit)... Enjoy watching him starting in Center at the All-Star game...

BigNasty said...

I know pitch by pitch is not a person, but if there is one thing i hate more then anything else it is watching the exact same thing I just saw 2 seconds earlier, but in a faster sequence. If pitch by pitch was a person, I would hunt him down and punch him right in the dick.