Saturday, February 17, 2007

"Does the Curse of Dutton's Past Live On?"

With in the last couple of weeks I have seen my team the New York Rangers struggle to find an identity and push as a team and surge into the playoffs. After todays loss I am thinking that I will never ever see them win Lord Stanley's Cup again. I was 15 when they won it and enjoyed every minute of it, but I would like to see it one more time as an adult so I can go even more crazy just one more time. So after todays loss against the Broad Street Bullies (minus Forsberg) I have decided to recollect my thoughts on Rangers' Seasons Past. Some horrific trades and signings have been made since June 14th, 1994. The loss of Sergei Zubov, the loss of (and reacquistion) of Kovalev, the exodus of Mike Keenan, the failed attempt of signing Joe Sakic (God only knows how Colorado came up with the cash to re-sign him), and finally the acquistions of Anson Carter and Eric Lindros have all been some of the worst GM moves made at MSG since 1994. I always felt like Scott Layden helped out Johhn Muckler with these acquistions. But today I believe the curse of Red Dutton (above), "They would not win another Stanley Cup in my lifetime." lives on. Granted he has past away and the Rangers have earned one title,seven years after his death, but the curse is still lingering. So today we lose to a team we should destroy and in doing so we lose three players to injury (Shannahan, Lundquist, and Malik) right when all looks well in Ranger land. The New York Rangers have and will always be the biggest tease in hockey. Again right when things are looking righted and the surge for the playoff is happening the curse of Red Dutton swings in and hampers any Rangers progress. With that said I will never give up hope on the season just yet, nor will I ever quit on this team in my lifetime. The roller coaster ride year in and year out with this team has become almost an addiction, but it always most never ever leads to euphoria.

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