Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Donald Trump on WWE

Attention Whore CEO vs. Attention Whore CEO......all we need is to add in Mark Cuban and that creep from the Buy.com commercials** and we could make this a Fatal Fourway match for the ages.

I know being in the public eye is a part of Donald Trump's deal, but I'm seriously sick of this guy. I'm not going to go into a Rosie O'Donnell rant (I'm straight, not a woman, and borderline funny, all things she isn't) but seriously this guy needs to get off of my television soon.

** I was going to make a new post for the Buy.com guy, but I don't want to be the Guy Who Posts Too Much, so I'll just add some commentary here. If I was an investor in Buy.com, I'd be selling my stock as fast as Piazza could process the Sell order. His goofy Generation X appearance is so calculated it is ridiculous. I guess he is trying to make his company appear like the hip alternative to Amazon.com, but this is such a losing strategy. Amazon isn't necessarily cool, but why should it be? If I'm ordering books, CDs and the occasional Olsen Twin DVD, I just want the site to be functional, not trendy. A CEO with a faux-hawk, t-shirt and jeans doesn't inspire confidence in me, it inspires laughter.

And he is way WAY too proud of his non-descript office building. Is that your empire? At least fake it and make it look like you are based out of a major city, not an office park in Woodbridge, NJ.


BigNasty said...

couldn't they just hire an actor to pretend to be the CEO of buy.com?

Young James said...

They don't make commercials like this anymore: