Monday, February 12, 2007

LaVar, we hardly knew ye

Arrington, Pettigout and Emmons were cut by the Giants today. The cuts of Emmons and even Pettigout didn't surprise me. Both are injury prone and apparently David Diehl played well when he was switched to left tackle (i don't know about you, but i can't tell if an offensive lineman is good or not) Hopefully that cross eyed geriatric Bob "Thick in the Britches" Whitfield isn't too far behind. I was surprised about Arrington though. Even though he is also injury prone, I thought they would give the guy another chance, especially since he only scheduled to make $900k this year. I guess Jerry Reese is putting his stamp on the team. Overall i think these are moves in the right direction. I don't think we will be saying "boy, i really wish we had Arrington/Petigout/Emmons right now". Hopefully Reese will make a splash with this deep free agent class. (Asante Samuel??)


Young James said...

Any good running backs out there? That might be a sore spot. I don't think the future looks bright for Giants fans. They haven't been a very fun bunch to follow. I like to like the guys on my team. Between Tiki, Strahan, Shockey and Burress, they seemed like a bunch of self-promoting dicks. Granted, most professional atheletes are just that. But with that coach and that quarterback, it didn't make for a team that I could pull for being a casual bandwagon Giants fan. I say the Giants pres pulls what the Chargers pres did and fire Coughlin now. Get a black coach to go with the black GM. Since the guy who looks like Omar Epps is taken, maybe there's an assistant coach who looks like Taye Diggs or some other 2nd tier black actor out there somewhere.

M. Van Buren said...

I hear they signed Blair Underwood at Left Tackle.