Wednesday, February 14, 2007

jeez louise

See what happens when we let in some chump from the 'burbs? A bunch of crap about some CEO for some site none of us ever uses. Go knock your wife up already so you can help her open the presents at her baby shower too...

In other news, ok, so my crappy new job reorganized the office layout yesterday, so now not only am I still stuck in a cube, but they flipped the cubes so that now two people are sitting back-to-back in one u-shaped space. I mean, come on, how the hell am I supposed to look at my internet porn now? At least I could sneak in a glance or two when the dude sitting in the cube behind me wasn't there, but now it's just like, "Hey Lou, what's that a picture of on your computer? And where is your other hand? And what's that smell?"

Other news and notes: Nintendo, you left your Tiger's hat at my place from the superbowl. So did you buy that after the Mets got eliminated or during game 3? Just curious...

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M. Van Buren said...

Option A: Talk about jacking off at work.

Option B: Witty and insightful commentary on the state of affairs at

My people have spoken Louise....they like the obscure references to internet companies.