Wednesday, February 14, 2007

???Is it the Missing Laino Baby???

Rumor out of the Bahamas is the mystery father Anna Nicole Smith's Baby is no other than Nicolas Laino. The story according to the a Bahamian citizen who chooses to remain anonymous, is that Daniellynn was conceived after the couple met at the Black Fin Bar in New York City. Smith was swooned by Nick's serenades and charisma. The couple was seen dancing all night. It was rumored that the couple slipped out the back door and were last seen inside of the Brefine Pub in Flushing Queens making out and doing lines off the pool table, before entering the bathroom toghther.


SNES said...

I know its a bad photoshop job, but its the best I can do with time that I had.

BigNasty said...

Looks good to me.. Laino's super sperm at it again..