Friday, March 9, 2007

Love Baseball But Hate Hockey? Here is Your Answer

Now I'm not Canadian, but I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to swing your hockey stick like a Louisville Slugger. Chris Simon of the Islanders has now officially made me a fan of the new baseball/hockey/gladiator match hybrid sport that is sweeping the nation.

Feast your eyes on this, eh:


Young James said...

This is a disgrace. What is happening to the youth in this country? Such anger has no place in sports. I don't want to not feel safe when going to a game with my family. It's a very poor reflection on his people that he would do something like that.

Oh wait, this was a hockey game? Oh, that was fuckin' sweet.

TheMachine said...

islanders were robbed!!!

SNES said...

You figure with as swing like that he would have done some damage to Hollywood. All Hollweg suffered was a cut on the chin. Not even a concussion. Chris Simon your a pussy!! Next time choke up on the stick more so you do more damage. As for the isles being robber can you CONCLUSIVELY say that, check the replay!!