Tuesday, March 6, 2007

"Antiaging" means "Steriods"

There is a new article on SI.com about the busted steriod ring in Florida. Apparently the call centers for the operation were run out of Antiaging/wellness centers like the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center. That just sounds shady. Reminds me of Tokyo Massage, the 24 hr massage parlor on the corner of Linclon and Pico Blvds in Santa Monica. Wonder what goes on there. (if anyone wants to know, ask Irish commedian Aiden Bishop to tell the"Jerk, Suck or Fuck?" story) There are some new names listed in the article, most of them being of the "No Shit"variety. Here is the List:
1. Gary Mathews Jr: Career year in 2006 at age 32. No Shit

2. Kurt Angle: Ummm, no shit. I would be more shocked if you found me a pro wrestler who didn't use steriods.

3. Evan Fields (Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield): That is the worst fake name I have ever seen (best fake name: Ron Mexico). Hey Evander, FYI, if you are buying illegal shit and you have the presence of mind to use a fake name, try not to use any part of your real name. They might be able to trace it back to you. Something to think about. (below is a picture of the exact moment The Warrior thought of his fake name)

4. Jerry Hairston Jr: I am shocked at this one. If I were Jerry, I would have tried to get a refund.

5. David Bell: Refund

6. Jose Canseco: No Shit

7.John Rocker: You mean the giant redneck who can't control his anger and throws 99 mph took steriods?

There is the list. No shockers. I am sure some more names will trickle out as they go through all of the documents that they seized. Good Times


Young James said...

Lot of sons of former players on that list... I'm very suspicous of Josh Barfield and Prince Fielder.

M. Van Buren said...

Kurt Angle looks like a complete creep in that picture.

He was probably offended at Ann Coulter's latest comment.