Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mullets galore

www.mulletsgalore.com This is just one of many mullet classifications go to the site for all of them..

01. classic mullet: this specimen is a clear demonstration of a classic mullet. Note how this mullet proudly displays his exotic plumage while in a menacing stance. Classic indeed. The mesh tank-top, digital watch, silver chain, and molester mustache all add points to this fine specimen's overall look and mulletude.

Mulletude: 10
Aggressiveness: 10
Hobbies: football games, wife beating, picking fights.
Sightings: everywhere, there's no escape (see: eyes).
Favorite Band: Steve Miller Band


BigNasty said...
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BigNasty said...

I remember reading this back in the fall of 99.. Man am I glad that I took the over on "How many years will it take for Laino to find mulletsgallore.com".. Vegas had it at 7 years.

TheMachine said...

nahh i found many many moons ago... I just keep it as one of my faves... I love making fun of hillbillys... and rednecks..more to come...