Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wait till 2011

Let's face it, the Knicks will probably never win a championship as long as Dolan is the owner. This is the same guy who hired Scott Layden and gave Don Chaney two contract extensions. Ohhh and I almost forgot to mention he gave Isiah Thomas a 5 year 30 million dollar extension.

This team is pretty much screwed. I really wasn't too happy with the Randolph trade because he is just another scorers who doesn't play defense or make his teamates any better. Wow, the Knicks gave up nothing but they didn't really gain anything either. The bar is set so low I guess that's why some people are happy with this trade but I'm not one of them.

I would love for the Knicks to dump Marbury but that will never happen because he makes as much money as Kobe Bryant. I really don't like Eddy Curry..........I hate this whole Fucking team. They are a complete mess and Isiah has no clue what he is doing. This jerkoff has ruined this team, and I think it is time we start thinking about becoming Brooklyn Net fans.

I have come up with a solution for the Knicks. Don't take on another contract longer then 3 years. The reason is simple. This is what the free agent class of 2011 looks like.

1 Bosh
2 Amare
3 Dirk
4 Lebron
5 Wade
6 Oden
7 Kobe
8 Parker

If Isiah doesn't make a move till then we will be under the cap bc every contract will be expired.
Lebron will be 26 then too.

For now let's trade Crawford and Nate for Battier.


Young James said...

I can wait.
We should start pressing #23 Knicks jerseys w/ my name on the back now.

BigNasty said...

I can wait as well. I have waited this long. When I heard of the Randolph trade the first thing I thought if was that he is a chip that can be used to trade for Kobe if he goes through with his trade demand. I am sure a package built around zach randolph and david lee doesn't sound like enough for Kobe, but if he only wants to go to the Bulls, Knicks or Suns then it is a possibility, especially if Zach rehabs his image a bit while he is here. By the way, I stil hate Kobe, but he would make the knicks watchable again.

TheMachine said...

will make them watchable??? i still watch them, and love it... i love the moves they're making, and the squad is coming together....