Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rickey's gonna teach y'all how to hit now.

Look at the way Rickey hold the bat This is great news for the NY sports media...

Having Rickey as the batting instructor on this team with such frustrating hitting practices should provide much fodder. Good times are coming...

Hopefully we'll get some more John Olerud, "Used to play wit' a guy who wore a helmet in the field back in Toronto" type encounters... I love that one.
And any grown man who refers to themself in the third person is comedy gold...Rickey's World, Rickey's World, La La, La, La LaaaGood to hear Rick Down went out taking a shot at Ledee... Kudos for that.

Watch your back Julio Franco... Rickey's bout' to cop that roster spot.

In all seriousness... I like the change. This team's too damn complacent with their offensive struggles. And Rickey's a straight-shooter who likes to shake shit up nowadays. He did a great job working with Reyes... The players gotta listen to a guy with Rickey's credentials more than Rick who never made it passed AA ball. Hopefully that translates into better hitting.I can do better than .240

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