Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hockey Fights

With the coming out of the NHL schedule yesterday. I would like the world to start getting pumped up for hockey by paying tribute some of the best hockey fighters that have ever played in the NHL. It may be a lost art in this sport, but it will never be totally outlawed.

The best of all-time: Bob Probert

The Best Heavyweight Series: Bob Probert vs Tie Domi (9 fights total)

A close second: The Southpaw Dave Brown (Stu Grimson was a great fighter as well)

Today's Best Overall: George Laraque (Brute Strength)

The Best Knock Out Ever: Coltin Orr vs Todd Fedoruk

Best Goalie Fight: Dan Cloutier (The rookie Whoops Some Isle Ass)

A Close Second: Ray Emery vs the Buffalo Sabres (the whole team)


Young James said...

I got on the NHL email list somehow... They send an awful lot of emails out letting me know what's going on with their sorry league. I requested they stop sending me the emails. They haven't. What's up with that?

SNES said...

Lesson Learned: Don't sign up for auto e-mails to any league!

E DOUBLE said...

Those fights were entertaining. Better thsn the De La Hoya vs Mosley.