Friday, March 23, 2007

Screwed Up

I hate the fact that I am but an ordinary man, so I love to see it when celebrities, actors, athletes and public officials screw up in public. It lets me know that despite the fact that I have led a remarkably unremarkable life, I am still better than these people who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. So this is my attempt to broadcast the shortcomings of all of these notable personalities in the way that I know profiling them on our blog with its massive readership and huge ad revenue.

Up yours you fancy people with your complicated shoes!!!!!

Here is a small potato to get this rolling....UP YOURS QVC!!!

You may be falling down due to the ladder, but you will fall even farther after we are through with you....UP YOURS AGAIN QVC!!!

One celebrity (Sheppard Smith of Fox News) attempts to bring down another celebrity (J-Lo)....well I got news for the both of you....DOUBLE UP YOURS!!!

I'm sure you saw this one coming Sylvia Browne (or maybe you didn't)...but I think I'm sensing something......UP YOURS!!!

It is scary to think about all of the people who are plotting to ruin the United States....

I don't have to say "Up Yours" to ol' Bushie....he is already all over the concept of Up Yours:

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