Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Names...

Today is a great day here at Inappropriate Hugs. Why? Because there have been more names from the roid ring (ESPN) have been leaked, and, surprise, they are all professional wrestlers. The fact the pro wrestlers are using steriods is not shocking, but some of the names that have been released are (a bit). Without further adu, your march inductees to the 2007 Juice Hall Of Fame:

1. Randy Orton: No surprise here. From all accounts this guy is a giant douche (he once took a dump in one of the female wrestlers bags). Juice of Choice: stanozolol, nandrolone, anastrozole, Clomiphene citrate, oxandrolone and testosterone

2. Adam Copeland, aka "Edge": A little bit surprising.. as you can tell by the pic, he isn't the biggest guy around*. Juice of choice: HGH

3. Shane Helms aka "The Hurricane": This is surprising, I have seen this guy in person, he is pretty small*. Juice of Choice: HGH

4. Oscar Guuierrez, aka "Rey Mystero Jr": Another really small guy*. Smaller then the Hurricane, though he does look pretty jacked in this picture. Juice of Choice: nandrolone stanozolol

5. Eddie Guerrero: No Shit, this guy was as big as a5'8" guy could get, plus he died of an enlarged heart. He also had a sick mullet. Juice of Choice: HCG, stanozolol

This goes to show you, not all juicers look like this:

*For a wrestler


M. Van Buren said...

My juice of choice is orange juice mixed with a little cranberry juice.

Young James said...

My favorite is pineapple.