Tuesday, May 1, 2007

You Warriors are good. Real good.

I can’t say that I’ve watched a minute of them play all year (playoffs included). Thanks to the Knicks, I have completely rejected watching much of any Fantastic NBA Action this year. Tonight however (after I get back from my first Mets game of the year), I will definitely be checking out Game 5 of the Warriors and the Mavs.

Anytime a #8 seed is about to take out a #1 it becomes must see TV for me. The Mavs were 67-15 (tied for the 6th best record in league history) while the Warriors (42-40) just beat out the Clippers to get into the playoffs for the first time since Chris Webber was a rookie playing with Latrell in 1994. Should the Warriors win tonight (or in the “if necessary” games 6 & 7), they will become the first 8 seed to defeat a top seed since the NBA moved to the best of 7 format in 2003.

Of course, only 2 other #8 seeds have defeated top seeds before, and each of those featured defining moments.

The first time, in 1994, the Nuggets fought back from down 0-2 in the series to defeat the Sonics in OT in game 5. When the buzzer sounded Mutombo hilariously rolled around on the floor fondling the basketball while shrieking.
The second time, after the lockout shortened 1999 season, the Knicks advanced when Allan Houston’s clutch runner took a couple bounces and fell in with little time left. I nearly fell through the floor of my apartment from the post-shot celebration.
So far, this Mavs-Warriors series seems defined by Dirk’s inability to act like a superstar/MVP, the explosion of Baron Davis, and the Don Nelson love-fest. I would like to see someone please step up to get that “defining moment” of this series nailed down. Stephen Jackson, I’m looking at you.

And as a Knicks fan, the news isn’t all bad. I was informed by the Knicks through e-mail of their most glorious achievement during the playoffs. Yup, Knicks City Dancer “Asia” won the contest to become the next Pussycat Doll. Check out all the details as it’s the headline on their fucking homepage. Unless they have a promotional “Free Pussy” night, I’m not going to another game until this team makes some major changes (like, I don’t know, get rid of half the roster and all of their management and coaching staff).

Anyway... Go Warriors.

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M. Van Buren said...

I was watching PTI today, and apparently Jessica Alba is a big Warriors fan and has season tickets for courtside seats. She is a severe upgrade over whatever hussy Dirk is running around with these days in terms of courtside attractions.

In the interest of my eyes my loins, seeing the Warriors advance into the next round will benefit me greatly.