Thursday, October 11, 2007

Knicks Have Interesting Vehicle for Exciting Community

I'm watching The Office last night and during a commercial break I check out the Knicks exhibition game against Marcus Fizer and the Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv on the MSG channel. It too goes to commerical...

And what a commercial it was. Check this shit out:

Parents, it's available for Bat Mitzvahs!

The Groove Truck. Dolan was apparently disappointed the name "Bang Bus" was already taken.

The commercial shows a whole lot of balls flying around and some shots of Knicks players... Starbury included.Backseat Bangerz

There's no doubt Knicks community-relations coordinator Kathleen Decker had a hand in this concept. That bitch. It's ok, I'm white too. That fat white golddiggin' slut bitch. Really, it's ok.

So, are you going to get in the truck?

Fuck. No. See that shit, run.

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