Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm Done

As of September 27, 2007 I am no longer a fan of the Mets. That was the day I stopped watching the team. After getting the shit kicked out of them by HGH boy and the Cardinals, I knew it was over. I didn't watch a single inning or read one article about this shitty team. I have had it! This fucking team has broken my heart so many different times I can't take anymore. It all started for me...............

-In 1990 offseason when they let Strawberry go to L.A and choked to the Pirates down the stretch
-1992's infamous Worst Team Money can buy.
-1998's choke in the last five games against the Expos sandwiched between 10 years of misery
-Trading for Armondo Benitez and Bobby Bonilla before the 1999 season
-Getting the shit beat out of us every year by Atlanta from 1995-2007
-2000 WS
-Brian Jordan's grand slam off of John Franco after 9/11to end the season
-Benitez blowing three saves in a row to Atlanta that same week in 01'
-Having John Franco as the closer for what seemed like ten years
-Then Mel Rojas then Benitez then Looper then Billy Wagner
-Losing 2 out of three games to the Yankees every time they play each other in interleague play
-Wilpon not giving Arod what he deserved in 2000
-Wilpon then not signing Guerrero a couple of years later
-Beltran sriking out LOOKING
-Not resigning Bradford
-And finally the joke that was 2007

Well Fuck You New York Mets I'm Done


Young James said...

I've got more to come on this subject... Still digesting the whole thing.

M. Van Buren said...

I would have to imagine that the idea of seeing Glavine in a Met uniform again next year would be the most offensive thing a Met fan could think of at this point.

The guy choked at the absolute worst time. What a chump.