Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Podium Girls' Burden

kissykissySure seems like an easy payday... Stand up there, look pretty, and give a peck on the cheek to the victorious athlete.

But check out Mr. Schleck's snot drip shortly after peddling to victory in the 4th Stage of the Tour de Suisse in Liechtenstein Tuesday...Does anyone have a napkin or a tissue?

That's some nasty shit... I give the chicks some credit for hanging in there and finishing the job.

One would think having a name like Schleck and looking all nasty in biker shorts and shit would turn the girls away... However, judging by this pic of him smirking on the cell with the broad to his right, he's doing mighty fine.It's not fair.

I always hated guys who do faggy things and pull hot bitches. These bastards may be the worst of them. But checking out some of these pics, I wonder if it's not too late for me to stuff a sock in my draws and squeeze into some spandex, throw on some Oakley's and a Pop Tarts jacket, do a few dozen cycles of anabolics, and get in the race.

If Landis can get a spritey looking chick

Fuck outta here.

and Mr. Pink Tie-Dyed Discovery Channel Shirt dork can get this girl rubbing up on him...How the fuck?

not likely

then what's stopping me?

Oh yeah... talent, ambition, and a sponsor. Damn.

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BigNasty said...

I will sponsor you