Friday, June 15, 2007

Mets v. Mercenary

fat young BillyYou know this prick wanted no part of this series.
In 10 career regular-season starts against the Mets, Clemens is 3-5 with a 5.14 earned run average. And now he's even older and hasn't faced a major league lineup this year. And the Mets lineup isn't loaded with the likes of Rey Ordonez and Jeromy Burnitz anymore.
Billy must've thought he was pitching against the D-Backs otherwise he wouldn't have showed up for that series.
When A-Rod hit the homerun off the facade of the upper deck in left Wednesday night, the whole team jumped off the bench to cheer. Not Clemens. He sat and high-fived his steroid supplier his groin masseuse. A million dollars a start? For this bastard? I really don't know how you cheer for these assholes.
Yanks have won 9 in a row. Mets have dropped 9 of 10. 2 teams heading in different directions. But the Mets are in first with a 2 game lead, the Yanks are in second, 7 1/2 out. I have a feeling this is just the wake up call Ricky Ledee and the Mets need. Win or lose, it's nice to know I'll still have a soul. Yankees fans can't quite say the same.

thought it was the ball
one way to beat him

I think it's time for a little payback for a couple incidents many moons ago.

What Shawn Estes tried to do wasn't enough for me.

Ball 1

Barring what would be a violent World Series, this is the last time the Mets face this asshole.

For real this time. Let's embarrass this douchebag.

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M. Van Buren said...

Mercenary? This mud slinging can only be attributed to your wild jealousy that we have Miguel Cairo and you don't.