Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Shawn Kemp is the Father!!!


Inappropriate Hugs has received word from an insider in the Bahamas that NBA star Shawn Kemp will be adding yet another child to his already prodigious group of offspring. After being tracked down by the crack staff of the Maury Povich show and forced to undergo a DNA test, Kemp has now been confirmed as the father of little Dannielynn.

Inappropriate Hugs has obtained this exclusive photograph of Kemp and Anna Nicole on a romantic vacation that was taken approximately 11 months before the birth of the baby. (Kemp has reportedly trained his highly potent sperm to just "hang out" for a couple of months inside of his many female conquests before going for the fertilization in order to acquire the greatest number of children possible while still maintaining the ability to deny that he was the father.)

Larry "Grandma-Ma" Johnson apparently was seen wiping his brow and exclaiming, "WHEW!!" when he learned he wasn't the baby daddy.

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