Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who wants to see a one legged woman dance?

You: OH, OH, I DO ,I DO

Me: So do I, friend.... so do I...

Well we now have our chance.. Ladies and Gents, the new roster of Dancing with the Stars:

1. Heather Mills

2. Apolo Anton Ohno

3. Laila Ali

4. Clyde "The Glide" Drexler

5. Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore

6. Billy Ray Cyrus

7. Joey Fatone

8. Leeza Gibbons

9. Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering)

10 & 11 Miss USA and some Model.

Who will be served?


Young James said...

They really shouldn't refer to them as Stars. It should be Dancing With the Infamous People or something. Drop Leeza Gibbons (whoever that is) and Clyde Drexler and add Michael Strahan and Jumanji Kidd. How long before Britney's doing this gig? So I guess Joey Fatone will be the favorite going in, since he was basically a professional dancer for years (I hate myself for being able to handicap this).

BigNasty said...

Leeza Gibbons, from the 90's entertainment tonight... britney will be doing soft porn soon after her playboy spread.. They should make fatone dance on one leg since his is a ringer.. i am going with steve sanders as my sleeper.. he is sneaky quick and agile.. some have said he is a poor man's Mario Lopez..

M. Van Buren said...

Is this Ziering's first gig since 90210?

I'd have to go with that little fruitcake Apolo Anton Ohno as the leader. I know he isn't necessarily gay because he is a professional ice skater, he is gay because he loves to make sweet amore with other men.

Young James said...

I was going to defend Ohno saying speed skating isn't totally gay like ice dancing or whatever. Then I looked him up in wikipedia to make sure he's not dabbling in that now. He's not, but I read that his parents divorced at a young age and he was raised by his single father who owns his own hair salon. And since homosexuality is genetic, he probably is gay. Hanging around hair salons and ice rinks as a child and now he's in a televised dance competition. Good lord.

TheMachine said...

If i watched it i would like to see some real nice poon on that show...big pussy is the favorite to go a long way, but not make the finals..too many peopole love the soprano's and will vote his ass to the end...